Adler Coaching Certification Program

  • Coaching For Positive Change

    Adler’s Professional Coaching Program is proud to have been honored by the International Coach Federation as an ICF Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP) – the gold standard of the profession.


    It consists of three modules and a practicum that lead to certification. Each course is a prerequisite for the subsequent course, i.e. you must take the courses in the order listed below.


    To amplify the course content, Adler offers recurring opportunities to participate in an extensive Supplementary Tele classes Learning Program (included at no additional charge) and several assignments to enhance learning and implementation beyond the classroom.

    "The Adler’s Coaching Program is a transformational-journey of self-discovery and potential awareness. The design and flow with which the program was facilitated adapted to the energy and pace of the participants, at all times. Coaching demos and exercises helped putting participants at the heart of the coaching process and there were moments of powerful realization that emerged out of these activities."


    Qabas Shaer

    Senior Change Consultant & Entrepreneur



  • Module 1: Foundation of Professional Coaching


    Foundations of Professional Coaching offers a rigorous grounding in the Adler coaching model in an interactive, stimulating environment of learning and hands-on coaching. This module covers:


    · The mindset of coaching

    · Adler’s Model and Guiding Principles

    · The Core Coaching Competencies

    · Structure of the coaching conversation

    · Change and coaching across time

    · Coaching for vision, values and purpose

    · What it takes to be a coach (and more)


    “Foundations” is both a powerful stand-alone introduction to coaching and is the first course in our ICF Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP).

  • Module 2: Coaching in Work Context


    The Coaching Conversation in the Context of Work looks at the individual in the context of systems, and how the coach supports people in their work and their lives.


    This module substantially expands coaching skills while providing additional tools and context for helping clients with work-related issues. This course offers:


    · A deeper understanding of the place of work in people’s lives and of the impact of coaching in the workplace

    · An introduction to the concept of organizations as systems and an awareness of the impact these systems can have on both coach and client

    · Enhanced proficiency in use of the core coaching competencies applied in the work environment

    · A framework for offering feedback

    · The role of assessments in coaching

    · How to manage the complexity of roles and responsibilities in organizational coaching

    · Many more tools and techniques for your coaching toolkit


    Explore the power of professional coaching and discover the opportunities for professional coaching in the workplace. Participants never look at work in the same way again; they come away with a purposeful perspective about work and the workplace that serves both them and their clients in powerful ways.

  • Module 3: Moving toward Artful Coaching


    Moving Towards Artful Coaching provides exposure to and experience with a range of tools and processes to deepen coaching effectiveness. This rich, experiential course focuses on integrating your learning and seeks to enhance and deepen the ability to coach artfully and creatively. You will learn about:


    · Leadership and its role in coaching, including a powerful leadership model well-suited for coaching, and what it means to be a leader of one’s life

    · Creativity and its many expressions for both coach and client

    · Metaphor as a tool for exploration and transformation

    · Intuition and its use in coaching

    · Integration of what you’ve learned, and a discovery process to help you define your unique voice and vision as a coach


    This module invites you to experience what it is like to coach through the lens of an artist. Expect a transforming experience.

    All of our courses also include opportunities to explore the practical and operational aspects of being a coach.

  • Practicum

    Is a 6-month virtual classroom experience that transitions the student into the world of an active coaching practitioner and serves as a powerful incubator for skill development.


    Students acquire clients, obtain feedback on their coaching through supervision and mentor coaching, and share their learning through case studies. Practicum groups are capped at 12 students for highly individualized instruction and mentoring.


    Please note that all English speaking practicums are offered only by Adler Canada and can be arranged only once the 03 modules program are completed.

  • The Certificate Exam

    The Certification Exam process consists of both a written exam and oral performance evaluation components. Candidates for the exam must have successfully completed Practicum and must log a minimum of 100 hours of coaching experience before sitting for the exam.



  • Adler Credentials:​​

    o Upon successful completion of Practicum, students are distinguished as an ATC – Adler Trained Coach.

    o Upon graduation (after successful completion of the exam process) students are awarded the credential ACPC – Adler Certified Professional Coach.​

    CF Credentials:


    o Graduation as an ACPC satisfies requirements for ICF’s entry level credential (ACC – Associate Certified Coach), which may be obtained by providing your proof of graduation, your log of 100 hours (no more than 25 pro bono)


    Go to www.coachfederation.org for the most up-to-date ICF credential requirements.​

    BCC Credentials:​​

    o Behavioral Health Professionals may be interested in certification from the Center for Credentialing and Education, which offers a Board Certified Coach (BCC) credential. Adler is an Approved Provider of coach training for the BCC credential.

    Requirements for the BCC credential vary depending on your licensure and background. Please visit http://www.cce-global.org/bcc for more info.