Who was Alfred W. Adler and ​​

    what is important about his contribution to coaching?




  • The philosophical foundation of the Adler School is rooted in theories developed by Alfred W. Adler (1870-1937). Dr. Adler was a Viennese physician and psychiatrist who emphasized the uniqueness of every person and stressed the individual’s relationship with society.


    Adler has been called the “grandfather of coaching.” He recognized the intricate interplay of social/cultural and family/individual life. Ahead of his time, he thought of mind and body as an integrated whole and credited people’s creativity in solving problems. Most importantly, he applied his theories to everyday life, not just to subjects in a research study.


    The Adler School recognizes strong parallels between Adlerian principles and coaching precepts. We highlight these to provide an additional context and framework for students to consider and use in their coaching.

    "The ‘Foundations of Professional Coaching’ class was extremely valuable to me in that it taught me the difference between advising, consulting, and coaching. Now, when I meet with clients, I ask more questions to draw out their own answers. My interactions have become more focused on clients’ needs, ideas, and solutions rather than my own."

    Barbara Limmer



    Adler’s Core Philosophical Assumption

  • "That was a highly interactive and practical coaching training which was delivered with high professional facilitator. In every single session , you are not only enhancing your executive coaching skills but also enjoying the positive impact of coaching process on yourself . As a person, I went out feeling that I was reborn, as a professional, that was of high standards in terms of delivery method and rich content. Ans as a coach, definitely I can now make a significant difference working with others and make them passionately explore themselves. I was fortunate to be part of this program, and advise all leaders who are committed to the development of themselves and their team members to be part of this fabulous journey."  


    Samah Odeh

    Head of Business Excellence / BlueVisions


    Adler taught that we are all caught in a paradoxical tension between being ourselves and being in relationship with others. On the one hand, we are all unique individuals with a strong need and desire to express our unique selves fully in our life and work. On the other hand, we are embedded in a web of relationships with other individuals, a member of multiple systems, and irretrievably part of humanity.


    Our creativity in resolving this tension between self-expression and embeddedness determines, to a significant extent, our level of success and fulfillment. We believe that the key to resolving this paradox lies in using our unique, best selves to make a contribution to others.


    At Adler, we see coaching as a profession that distinguishes itself by helping people align their choices and actions with their unique “best self”:


    · By connecting more creatively with the deep human desire to make a contribution to the betterment of humanity

    · By using their strengths, values and vision in service of others, whether at home, at work or in the community.


    Adler School of Professional Coaching provides transformative learning opportunities for coaches to marshal their own strengths and experience in highly effective and meaningful ways to support positive change and development in other individuals and organizations. Our coaching approach is anchored in core elements of mindset and philosophical/theoretical principles that support students in shifting from merely “doing” coaching to truly “BEing” a coach.


  • Adler International Learning (previously Adler School of Professional Coaching) was established in 1998 in Toronto by Dr. Linda Page who was the president of Adler School of Professional Coaching. After pilot trainings, Dr. Linda Page, who is an expert in application of Adlerian theory in the business world, established the Adler Professional Coaching Certificate Program together with a group of professional coaches with management expertise over many years.


    In 2006, the accredited program approved by the ICF, which is recognized as being the biggest organization determining the ethical rules, training guidelines and standards of the coaching profession, achieved the honor of being the first certification program in Canada to train professional coaches. The training program of Adler International Learning, which is aimed at organizations besides individuals, is based on Adler’s “positive psychology” principle. At Present, Adler Learning International, carries on its “Leadership Coaching” program, which was previously implemented with the School of Continuing Studies in Toronto University, with Western University. At the same time, a ten year collaboration is made with TAPE Studies for Professionals which provides development opportunities for social services and psychology professionals.


    Adler International Learning Canada, U.S.A., the United Kingdom, Norway, Denmark, Switzerland, Germany, Russia and Central Europe have rendered service to over 700 companies and over 5000 managers.


    Besides providing ICF accredited professional coaching certificate programs, Adler International Learning is a member of ACTO (Association of Coach Training Organizations), founding member Association of Corporate Executive Coaches, participant to International Consortium of Corporate Coaching and WABC (Worldwide Association of Business Coaches) credentialing committee member.